Research and writing…

I find, as I’m sure most writers do, that research is sometimes hard, and it’s definitely time consuming. I find it particularly so since I’m writing about Atlantis. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there is nothing written about modern day Atlantis. Go figure.

Still, that doesn’t mean there isn’t research that needs to be done. Not all of my story occurs on the island of Atlantis. I’ve included many locations around the world in my books. That requires me to research those locations so that authenticity is maintained. If my real world locations are believable, then perhaps, just perhaps, my vision of a modern day Atlantis will have a chance of being believable.

My latest challenge has been locating spots around the world where I can locate a secluded enclave for Haywood’s family. Some aspects of the location I chose are fictional, but the physical location is very real. That’s required me to research the myth, but more importantly, research this place with the use of GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth.

The other major location I needed to find was a place where a rebel military force could be located. Fortunately, history provided that location, one that still exists to this day. That meant more time online viewing pictures, historical writeups, and a view of the modern location. Back to GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth.

There are times when I sit back to rest my eyes from all the reading and wonder at the time I’ve spent. I know I write much more than I research, but there are times when I wonder. Especially when my eyes and back hurt because I have gotten engrossed in a bit of that research.

It’s more than worth it though. I have just completed my descriptions of these two locations in Book 2 and it took me no time at all. I discovered, as I was writing, that the fictional portions of my locations came easily to mind because I was so familiar with the reality and, though I hadn’t realized it at the time, my subconscious was developing plots and backstories.

Damn, I love writing.

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