When That Great Inspiration Isn’t Forthcoming

Every writer has been there at least once. Most of us have been there frequently. I’m certainly guilty of that. In fact, I’m at one of those sticking points right now with Matters of the Mind. The truly frustrating aspect of it is that it is so near the end of the story.

So, what’s a feller to do? Well, what I’ve learned that works for me is I write. I write everything that comes to my mind. For me, that’s the crucial point. I have to get these thoughts out of my mind…all of them. I know when I’m putting them on paper that I’ll never actually use them in the final product. That doesn’t matter. These poorly formed ideas are cluttering my mind. The more I try to ignore them, the more persistent their presence.

So I write them down. Once they’re on the page, they are out of my mind for good. Then my creative genius (?) can resume generating new material. Eventually I get that spark that allows me to fill in the blanks and move ahead.

Of course, there are those rare occasions when I find that I end up utilizing all or part of an earlier idea because something gets triggered through all the writing. I’ve even, on rarer occasions combined two or more of those earlier ideas.

It all boils down to writing. Just get something on the page. Clear the mind of clutter. Get it in the open where it can be observed. You never quite know where it will eventually lead you.

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