Returning to the Scene of the Crime

The scene of the crime is the blog that I’ve been ignoring…and the twitter account…facebook.

Why would a struggling author ignore those valued (according to the experts) means of promotion? The answer is simple, frustration, and disappointment. It really boils down to one thing, or maybe two. First, is expectations set far too high. Second, is disappointment when sales don’t match up with those vaunted expectations.

We all want to write that great story, the one that people will talk about. Maybe the one that will make it into the book reading clubs. Dare we hope, the New York Times Bestseller List?

Come on Addym, my boy, get real. You tell a good story. The modest number of reviews you’ve received say so. Now get your head out of the clouds and join the real world. Get more involved in those Facebook and Twitter accounts. Spend some quality time on this blog, talking to anyone who will listen. If you keep fumbling in the dark long enough, you’re bound the finally hit that light switch that will suddenly make all of this really make sense and become easier to deal with.

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