About Addym Kehris

First of all, for those that care about the little details, it’s pronounced Ay-dim, not Adam. Just thought inquiring minds would like to be clear on that little detail.

So you want to know about Addym. Honestly, I think the recent press release says it best:

“Being a twenty-five year old stuck in this fifty-eight year old body comes with challenges, as anyone approaching retirement can tell you. But there is nothing wrong with my imagination or my fingers. After a decade in the military, another decade in the public utilities industry, and the rest moving through various careers, I find my quiet, solitary life in front of the computer most appealing. My life now is spent working in words and wood, as I’m an accomplished furniture builder and enjoy time spent caressing bits of lumber into pleasing shapes and functions. It’s not that different from taking stray words and moulding them into appealing themes and plots. Besides all this, I play domestic god to my humble surroundings, cook extravagant meals for one, and interact happily with family, friends, and fans online. I find that it’s enough.”

I’ve been writing since I was twenty-five. Those first attempts were primitive, to be sure, but they were still received well by friends. It was enough to encourage me to continue improving my techniques and learning more about the writing arts. It is this recent, long spate of unemployment that has prompted me to finally be bold and put my words out there for others to see and enjoy. Yes, it’s a self-published work, but those of you who have attempted publishing in the traditional manner have surely found that the industry is reticent to even look at first-time authors. As we used to say in the Navy, your chances are somewhere between slim and none. So, we do what we have to and attempt the feat on our own.
So that is what this blog…and twitter and facebook accounts…stem from. Book promotion is a time-consuming endeavor.

4 thoughts on “About Addym Kehris

    • First off, let me apologize for taking so long to reply to you. Frankly, I was struggling with what to do with this blog and have let is linger here, unattended, as I struggled with so many issues of late.
      I am very pleased to hear that someone has enjoyed my book. As for preordering book 2, it’d be hard to do since I’m still trying to get the darn thing finished. I was nearly there when I had this mind blowing inspiration for a surprise ending. I have fallen so in love with it, that it’s requiring me to go back into the body of the book and change so much. All I can say, is be encouraged, I haven’t given up on this project.
      Thank your very much to taking the time to comment. Spread the word, please. I can use all the promotional help I can get. LOL.


  1. Hi Addym!
    My name is Paula Russel. I think I would like your books, what I saw on this site they are cool! The reason why I’m contacting you is I’m thinking about using peice of cake book pr firm. Can you tell me what you think about their business?
    Thank you for your time!


    • Hi there Paula.
      Sorry it’s taken so long to reply. About Piece of Cake…Frankly, I loved the piece they created for me. But honestly, I didn’t get any results to speak of. My press release got posted on one site and that was it. Let me say, I don’t know if that was their fault or if my book just wasn’t interesting enough to warrant attention.
      I’m sorry, I know this probably isn’t much help, but it’s the best I can do. Hard to give a more detailed assessment since I can’t track where they might have distributed my press release.
      Hope this is some small help, even if it is late.


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