More Surprises

So, I’m waiting on a new book of SF short stories, you know, one of those ‘year’s best’ things. It’ll give some nice interlude when I pause from writing.

In the meantime, Haywood 2 IS coming along. It’s so irritating to have nearly reached the end and then have an epiphany and have to go back and alter so much of my previous work. I feel it’ll be worth it though. I’m doing more with unexpected moments than my original draft. Little surprises exist, but I’m expanding on them a bit, making them a touch more significant.

Okay, enough talk…more writing. LOL


Anxious Author

Yeah, that’s me. It’s 9 p.m. Eastern Time, USA, 7/19, and I’m awaiting the posting of Book 1 of Haywood’s Journey on Whizzbuzz at 10 a.m Central European Time on 7/20. I’m not expecting miracles….

…Well, maybe I am. Of course, a miracle in my case would be to see any increase in sales, which have been pathetic up to this point. It’s the first chance I’ve had where I could afford to spend a bit of money to promote my book.

I’m hoping that there is enough of an increase in sales that I’ll be able to afford to spend a bit of it on further promotional efforts. Being unemployed sucks when you’re trying to become a moderately successful self-published author.

Push a Key…Any Key!

This is my new mantra. “Step one: Open story file. Step two: push a key…any key…on the keyboard and see where your fingers lead you.”

I know I worry too much about fabricating the perfect story, the perfect chapter, the perfect paragraph, the perfect sentence, selecting the perfect word. Sigh. I’m learning that perfection does not come in a single, brilliant, flash of inspiration (99.99% of the time). It would certainly simplify this avocation I’m destined to pursue.

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

The scene of the crime is the blog that I’ve been ignoring…and the twitter account…facebook.

Why would a struggling author ignore those valued (according to the experts) means of promotion? The answer is simple, frustration, and disappointment. It really boils down to one thing, or maybe two. First, is expectations set far too high. Second, is disappointment when sales don’t match up with those vaunted expectations.

We all want to write that great story, the one that people will talk about. Maybe the one that will make it into the book reading clubs. Dare we hope, the New York Times Bestseller List?

Come on Addym, my boy, get real. You tell a good story. The modest number of reviews you’ve received say so. Now get your head out of the clouds and join the real world. Get more involved in those Facebook and Twitter accounts. Spend some quality time on this blog, talking to anyone who will listen. If you keep fumbling in the dark long enough, you’re bound the finally hit that light switch that will suddenly make all of this really make sense and become easier to deal with.

When That Great Inspiration Isn’t Forthcoming

Every writer has been there at least once. Most of us have been there frequently. I’m certainly guilty of that. In fact, I’m at one of those sticking points right now with Matters of the Mind. The truly frustrating aspect of it is that it is so near the end of the story.

So, what’s a feller to do? Well, what I’ve learned that works for me is I write. I write everything that comes to my mind. For me, that’s the crucial point. I have to get these thoughts out of my mind…all of them. I know when I’m putting them on paper that I’ll never actually use them in the final product. That doesn’t matter. These poorly formed ideas are cluttering my mind. The more I try to ignore them, the more persistent their presence.

So I write them down. Once they’re on the page, they are out of my mind for good. Then my creative genius (?) can resume generating new material. Eventually I get that spark that allows me to fill in the blanks and move ahead.

Of course, there are those rare occasions when I find that I end up utilizing all or part of an earlier idea because something gets triggered through all the writing. I’ve even, on rarer occasions combined two or more of those earlier ideas.

It all boils down to writing. Just get something on the page. Clear the mind of clutter. Get it in the open where it can be observed. You never quite know where it will eventually lead you.

Research and writing…

I find, as I’m sure most writers do, that research is sometimes hard, and it’s definitely time consuming. I find it particularly so since I’m writing about Atlantis. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there is nothing written about modern day Atlantis. Go figure.

Still, that doesn’t mean there isn’t research that needs to be done. Not all of my story occurs on the island of Atlantis. I’ve included many locations around the world in my books. That requires me to research those locations so that authenticity is maintained. If my real world locations are believable, then perhaps, just perhaps, my vision of a modern day Atlantis will have a chance of being believable.

My latest challenge has been locating spots around the world where I can locate a secluded enclave for Haywood’s family. Some aspects of the location I chose are fictional, but the physical location is very real. That’s required me to research the myth, but more importantly, research this place with the use of GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth.

The other major location I needed to find was a place where a rebel military force could be located. Fortunately, history provided that location, one that still exists to this day. That meant more time online viewing pictures, historical writeups, and a view of the modern location. Back to GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth.

There are times when I sit back to rest my eyes from all the reading and wonder at the time I’ve spent. I know I write much more than I research, but there are times when I wonder. Especially when my eyes and back hurt because I have gotten engrossed in a bit of that research.

It’s more than worth it though. I have just completed my descriptions of these two locations in Book 2 and it took me no time at all. I discovered, as I was writing, that the fictional portions of my locations came easily to mind because I was so familiar with the reality and, though I hadn’t realized it at the time, my subconscious was developing plots and backstories.

Damn, I love writing.

New Author, New Read

Addym here, bidding you all a good day.

I’m new to blogging, just as I’m new to the community of self-published authors.

This is the place you want to be if you’re interested in a new approach to Atlantis. Written from the viewpoint of a young teen boy that doesn’t know of his heritage, and how he embraces it once he learns the truth.

Haywood’s Journey is projected to be a series of books. The first, Mind Over What Matters, is published on Amazon.

Now, if I could just get book 2 finished, I’d be happy.